HDFC life has recently come up with a new savings come investment plan. That is HDFC Life Sanchay – A Guaranteed Savings Insurance Plan. As per the plan insurer can earn guaranteed return of around 8% to 9% after maturity of this policy. And the same time this plan will cover your life insurance as well. Insurer can choose the term from various flexible options. Premium paying term is less than the policy term, which means you have to pay for 5 year to avail this policy for 15 years. After studying the HDFC Life Sanchay plan it looks promising but before reaching on any decision we will explain an example to calculate an approximate return from this investment.
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Here you can check out the maturity benefit chart, means how much you will get as return after completion of this plan. As per the chart it seems like you will get more than double of your investment for 15 year term and even more than 3 times for 25 year term with insurance cover.

hdfc life sanchay maturity benefit calculation

HDFC life Sanchay Return Calculation

We will consider the example explained in HDFC life brochure with beautiful graphical presentation. Let’s assume the below details of the insurer
hdfc life sanchay return calculation

Age: 35 years
Premium : 1,23,125.00
Premium Paying Term: 5 year
Policy term : 15 years
Sum assured: 5,00,000

Now as per HDFC life Sanchay plan he will get Rs 11,00,000 after 15 years on maturity. Now lets check in detail further.

Amount spend from you in 5 year = 1,23,125 X 5 = 6,15,625.00. This figure is excluding the service tax which insurer has to bear as per new IRDA law.

So in 5 years you are investing more than 6 lacks and after 15 years you will get 11 lack, which looks good for people who don’t want to take much risk investment. But if you want to play smartly you can avail much more benefit from this investment and find out many alternatives. Let’s say you save this amounts as FD and after 5 year collect all the money and you can go for NSC or other regular income plans where you can earn more interest on long term. But you will not be able to get any insurance during that period. So for that you should always go for a pure term insurance with higher sum assured.

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Almost all the insurance cum savings plans are similar to each other from long term return point of view. We have already reviewed many such plans from LIC India and other companies. In the long term you should consider the inflation and off-course other safe return plans comparing to this policies before investing. 

Share your experience if any.